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10th anniversary of the opening of the Sasang-Indi-Station

Street dancers called Killa Monkees gave an outstanding performance at the Sasang-Indi-Station, Youth Indi Culture Space in Busan. The event was organized by the Busan Cultural Foundation and Sasang-gu Office. Traditional Korean folk songs, together with pansori were combined to give a new spin on Korean tradition. The Korean mask dance was effortlessly blended with street dance style techniques and the end result, a unique performance, captivating the audience and bringing entertainment to a whole new level.

A powerful solo dance performer depicted the character Malttuki, dressed in a colourful vibrant costume, adding to the entertainment value of the performance. Malttuki expressed himself through satire along with ridiculing the hypocrisy of aristocrats. The producer Yang Seungmin said: "There was an attempt to give the character a dreamy feeling and also make him appear mysterious , symbolised through his performance."

Pansori, a traditional Korean singing style took centre stage in an uplifting and breathe taking performance. According to the producer: "Pansori is a kind of solo-opera in which one person narrates by mixing Chang (sound), Aniri (speaking), and Neoreumae (body-balancing) to the rhythm of Gosu (drummer)."

Traditional elements were brought together and reinterpreted as well as modernized in their very own unique way. Pansori, is usually performed only using traditional instruments, however for this performance electronic music was introduced, adding a distinct take on Korean culture. The music production team collaborated with the Roots-Redeem team to create something magical and memorable from the event.

A beautiful mood setting screen was also part of the visuals. The producer said: "Among the total of five music sequences, we selected two music pieces that best showcased our concept . The producer created the visuals concept himself to perfectly compliment the choreography and music.

Due the popularity of the performances, more will be planned in the near future. There are scheduled performances in September in two of Busan's landmarks in Haeundae and Gwangali beach. There will be new a innovative artistic expression that has not been seen before. The positive feedback has made it possible for performances to be held at international locations for the world to enjoy Korean culture through artistry, music and dance.

Yang Seungmin, aged 31, from Busan is an actor and a performing arts producer. He is the mastermind behind the production of the performances that entertained a captivated audience. These days he is busy planning for other upcoming projects in Busan and beyond. He said: "I want to collaborate with various organizations to create new ideas and concepts and show them to people. I want to have my own unique flair as an independent artist, and it is rewarding when my artistry is inspiring to others."

The young actor is also working on acting projects which include theatre performances. He said: "I want to constantly refine my artistic abilities, express myself acting roles, and meet people who love the art form."

To find out more about Yang Seungmin, you can visit his blog . Follow Yang (Pacino) Seungmin's Instagram.

Another prominent figure is Lee Jae Hoon, from Busan co-directed with Yang Seungmin to bring together this outstanding performance. His creative flare and original ideas helped shape and produce something memorable and impactful. Working as coordinator, his role involved all aspects of production.

Lee Jae Hoon is a talented actor with projects in the pipeline. These days he currently works as a manager for the Indie Connect Festival. You can check out his Instagram account to learn more about him and his upcoming projects.

Please check out the entire performance and comment on our Instagram page as we would love to hear from you!


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