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Merong City drop their first album

Merong City released their first self titled album on 22nd March 2023 . The band is a breath of fresh air and is a force to be reckoned with. The unique sound and vibe Merong City present gives the band an edge. With six songs in total, let’s take a closer look.

The album kicks off with the first song titled “You’re the ocean” and the first few seconds give the feeling of a calm serene ocean. The impressive initial vocals give an 80s vibe which quickly switches to vocals that are of a rap style in nature. This switch up is very masterfully done with careful consideration given to the chorus. The chorus has a way of creeping back into your mind as it's very catchy and easy on the tongue.

"You're the ocean" is the full package, calming, yet energetic. It has a way of emptying the mind, but at the same time conjuring up some vivid images. It is uplifting and simply exudes class, "You're the ocean", is a no one hit wonder.

The second song titled “HER” starts off with a strong guitar solo. The entire album has the guitarist work his magic fingers in a very Brian May-esque fashion. The vocal style is reminiscent of great bands like Savage Garden and Green Day. The energy in this song is just mind blowing.

“Stone” is the third song out of this treasure trove and what a delight it is to listen too! I love the way the keyboard is worked into the song. The ingenious idea of bringing a keyboard into this song takes the entire melody to another level.

The song "stone" starts off with strong vocals and in an entirely different style from the previous songs in the Merong City album. This is what fascinates me about the album as a whole. No two songs are the same and I'm excited with the anticipation of what may come next. The harmonies sung by the rest of the band brings out the best in this song. It's great for easy listening and those relaxing days unwinding at home. Another great song to add to my playlist.

The fourth instalment is a song titled “As I walk” The soft tones along with the powerful vocals touch the heart. The vocalist carries the song well and brings raw emotion to centre stage. The song is mellow in nature, evoking an emotional reaction. This song is truly unique, as is it very different from the rest of the songs in Merong City. After listening to "As I walk" a number of times, I feel, Merong City are not just a rock band, they are more than that.

“Keep giving me your heart” is another interesting addition to the Merong City album. The guitar solo seeps into your soul, a truly magnificent performance with a mid west feel to it. This song is similar to the style of the Manchester music scene of the 1990s. I see in becoming an all-time hit, a classic in it’s own right. It has all the makings of a song that will not be forgotten easily.

“Who can fathom the sorrow of falling” is the final song of the Merong City album. The vocals blew me away what a performance! Those high notes and emotive music are beautiful blend of what makes a song so lovable, and this is a contender among mainstream music we know of. The drum set was performed to perfection and off course their signature guitar creeps in towards the last half of the song leaving a feeling of exhilaration. I could not have asked for a better finale to this eclectic sound presented to us throughout this 23 minutes of sheer heaven.

The take away from Merong City's self titled album is, it's like a delicious box of chocolates! I can't quite decide which is my favourite song because I love them all. The six songs in Merong City are in different styles and give a different vibe and that's what makes it so special. I definitely stumbled upon a gen in my quest for good music.

Are Merong City a rock band? Probably not, well perhaps a little because of their eclectic style and performing whatever sounds good. In a nutshell, Merong City is a good album, very pleasing to the ears indeed. I highly recommend you get a copy of the album, trust me, you won't be disappointed.

If you want to learn more about Merong City band members, then check out the interview we had with them recently.

You can also check out their YouTube channel:


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